Voter registration Drive

“Get Your Voter ID Card created Easily.”
  At your Home/Workplace No need to go to a Government Office Put Just 20 minutes of Effort to fill the 3 page form.
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  A Voter Id Card will
  • Allow you to Vote in Future Pune Elections.
  • It is a Valid Address Proof and Id Proof document. Thus, it will be useful to you, for many purposes.

The success of this campaign depends entirely on its volunteers � folks like you
from all across the world who are willing to lend their time and their talents to
free India of Corruption. You can choose your level of involvement based on the
time commitment you wish to make.

We are all part of this historic movement to eradicate corruption. Together, under the leadership of Anna Hazare ji, we are demanding the �Jan Lokpal Bill� � a strong law to ensure swift and certain punishment to the corrupt. Jan Lokpal Bill is a Law being made by the people and for the people.